Affordable Housing

Affordable housing is an issue across the GTA. 

Morley has extensive experience in land use development and mediation having served on the Ontario Municipal Board and the Committee of Adjustment of the City of Toronto. He knows how to address housing issues and get things done. 

Morley will:


  • Advocate for additional permanent funding from the province and federal government to achieve housing goals

  • Campaign for the increased construction of rental apartments and require developers to make 10-25% of new units available for low-income Torontonians

  • Integrate low-income rental units into existing apartment buildings when vacancies occur

  • Promote the development of more basement apartments and or granny-suites in existing homeowner properties to provide more housing for our rising senior population

  • Revenue to build affordable housing should also include funding from financial institutions and banks


 Keeping the city safe is Morley's first priority. Morley is very concerned about the increase in violent crimes, easy accessibility to illegal weapons and related issues of mental health.  Building strong integrated and positive neighbourhoods are an important foundation to reducing crime. Increasing the police force is just one aspect towards addressing the issue of crime.  Morley is looking forward to working with all levels of government to keep our city safe.

Morley will: 


  • Support any future handgun ban bylaw in Toronto and fight for increased gun control policies across the country

  • Advocate for development of city programs that partner police with mental health advocates working in schools in order to curtail youth from crime

  • Promote neighbourhood watch programs, these will encourage residents to keep an eye on their neighbourhoods across the city.

  • Encourage the senior population to join neighbourhood watch programs


With a growing population, there is an ever increasing strain on traffic and transportation. Toronto needs safe, affordable and efficient ways to get around. 

Morley will work hard to increase transportation options with an eye to both current and future needs.

Morley will: 


  • Spearhead consultation between the TTC, GO transit and the provincial and federal governments to resolve their differences with regard to funding and transportation system management

  • Promote the expansion of bus services from Main Street and Victoria Park subway stations and express buses on Queen Street to downtown to increase transportation access for all Ward 19 residents

  • Support the integration of sharing-economy companies like Uber under appropriate city bylaws in order to provide more transportation options for Torontonians

  • Consider banning delivery trucks from the downtown area between the hours of 7am and 9pm to alleviate traffic in high congestion areas

  • Encourage thoughtful and safe development regarding bike lanes within Ward 19 and downtown with the key input of drivers and residents whose residences and parking will be affected by proposed bike lane routes. There is also the need to design further educational tools to reach the public about how drivers and cyclists can work together and understand the rules on safe road use


A vibrant and diverse community is a strong community. When people come together to share concerns, ideas and get to know one another, incredible things can be accomplished. For over 36 years Morley has brought communities together to hear issues and work collaboratively to support positive change.  

Morley will: 

  • Form several community associations within Ward 19 to hear neighbourhood concerns on a monthly basis. With the new 25-ward model, effective delegation will be the key to listening to the concerns of the 110,000 residents of Ward 19

  • Commit to resolving the high vacancy rate along the major arteries of Ward 19. Focus on bringing together the various BIAs, storeowners, commercial tenants and city staff to work out comprises that satisfy all parties

  • Encourage builders, developers and landlords to make more space available for community use on the ground floor of their buildings

  • Encourage builders, developers and landlords to make more space available for community use on the ground floor of their buildings such as daycare


Morley believes that if we don't take pro-active steps to address the protection of the environment, future generations will pay the price.  Morley will work with the community to support new initiatives for protecting our environment.  

Morley will:

  • We must be aware of the environmental impacts of any infrastructure changes to the city. Morley will encourage City Council to fund learning initiatives so that all Toronto residents can educate themselves on the protection of the environment

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